Last September, I was interviewed by Adam Brazeau of The Seaway News from my hometown of Cornwall, Ontario. The interview focused on how I got into the beauty industry, my experience so far as a Makeup Artist and my opinion on the image of beauty. I must say, it was nice to share a bit of my story.  Being interviewed as a Makeup Artist really made me take a minute to sit back and appreciate the path I chose to take. Since that interview, I have met and worked with so many incredibly talented and inspiring people in the industry.  Working with such individuals has really opened my eyes to the endless opportunities within the makeup world. I absolutely love what I do and now that I am where I am, I could not picture myself doing anything else.  I have the privileged to express myself through the art of makeup, share my true passion and hopefully inspire others along the way. I truly found my calling, I am thankful everyday for that.

– T.

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