My inspiration comes from so many different places; Nature, music, moods, emotion and of course social media, magazines, books and blogs. A lot of times though, I get my inspiration from the people Iʼm working with. Whether it’s from people involved in a creative shoot, a client for a wedding or even a client who just wants to update their makeup routine, there’s always something inspiring I can take away from each moment. Inspiration can come from something I just read in a magazine, a conversation I had with another makeup artist or something I saw on Instagram. That’s the beauty of makeup, it’s open and endless! Don’t get me wrong, I do get my moments where I’m stuck, however, I embrace these moments too, I typically use this time to clear my head, regroup and open my mind to new ideas!

The thing about creating is you can’t force it, ask any artist! For me, I have to at least have a spark of an idea to project anything. Social media has become a great friend to many artists, including myself, because there is so much material available it’s also current, relevant and on trend. Sometimes as makeup artists we look at other people’s work for ideas, it is definetely a way to get inspired, but it’s also important to find what excites YOU as an artist. Find what you’re really good at and put your energy into that. Makeup is definitely an art form and although technique is important, finding inspiration and being able to translate it into our work is probably equally as important. Stay inspired! Get creative!

Love Taryn.